Beach Party - The Result
Reading 2 Bournemouth 0

An above average crowd of ten and a half thousand turned up on 4th March 2000 - a large number dressed in beach wear - to watch Reading cruise to victory with goals from Caskey and Forster...
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What was it all about....

Hey cobbers! Throw yer pants and yer beards on the barby, cos we're havin' a bonza… 'Home and Away' Beach Party! That's right Sheilas and Bruces - you enjoyed 'Pants Day', you raved at 'Beard Day', now it's time to 'out-seaside' Bournemouth!!!

Don your most garish beachwear - y'know, like that Hawaiian shirt you bought on Hayling Island in 1978 when you were drunk - get it out of the bottom drawer and show us what a fashion God/Goddess you truly are! Get out your shorts, sunglasses and silly hats, and be prepared to make a noise they'll hear all the way to Sydney Opera House!!!

Bring A Mate!

Assistant manager Martin Allen has thrown down the challenge to get 20,000 people into the Madejski Stadium on Saturday for the visit of Bournemouth. Lets show him we can do it! It's easy enough - all we need is double the crowd. Make sure you bring along a mate, or a member of family, who doesn't usually get down to the games. This should be the ideal opportunity for a first visit to the Madejski Stadium - with a great atmosphere to remember it by. If you haven't been to a game for a while then make sure you get to this one.

Everyone can help promote the occassion by spreading the word. To help you can download a A4 poster directly from this site! Print out as many as you can and stick up around the office, your local pub or social club, on any handy noticeboard, around the town centre,... anywhere! - so all of Reading knows that the place to be at 3pm on Saturday 4 March 2000 is the Madejski Stadium.

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Note that if you print directly from your browser it may not come out full A4 size - alternatively you can download this file and print from your favourite paint package for full A4...

Latest News!

Two important developments can now be confirmed - the Beard Band will be present in the East/South corner, and there will be free beer! Well, the free beer isn't quite free - you need to be dressed up in beach gear to qualify for a "buy one pint of Fosters, get one free" voucher. Near certain developments include a possible draw for free season tickets - assuming the crowd tops at least 15,000, and plenty of free baloons and beach balloons bouncing around all four stands.

Reading? A Beach? What's It All About?

Welcome to the Reading Riviera - the finest resort in Royal Berkshire. Why not visit us during the Australian cultural exchange event known as "Home and Away Day"?

Meet at the Rose & Thistle in Argyle Street at 11 a.m., enjoy fine local cuisine and the very best wines, spirits and ales. Consider the attractions the Reading Riviera has to offer and then join the special bus excursion to the East Beach on the Mad Stad Pitch Shore.

Along the route experience some of the famous rituals like "Raising your feet for Russell Street" waving to the jolly natives as they toil in the sun-drenched fields; shout "Shoe!" at historic landmarks as your friendly tour guide points them out. Finally arrive at the Mad Stad and sit on the East Beach under the "Score Boardwalk".

Or simply make your own way to the idyllic destination of the Mad Stad. There's always plenty of room there for passing day-trippers!
Remember though - it's likely to be busy - make sure to bring a towel if you want to reserve your seat!

As this is a holiday venue we recommend all the usual beachwear - board shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, hats with corks, knotted handkerchiefs and flip-flops (NO SNORKELS).

Join in with the band and sing with the locals as they praise the efforts of the "Royals" with a medley of seasonal favourites: "Summer Holiday", "In the Summertime", "Home & Away theme", "Skippy" (the Andy Bernal theme), "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" and many, many more - requests welcome!

Drink specially priced Fosters lager in deference to our Australian theme and generally have a good holiday time!

Why go to inferior south coast beaches like Bournemouth when you could enjoy the very finest the Reading Riviera has to offer the discerning traveller?

We can, of course, welcome any amount of day-trippers and passports, visas or unpleasant inoculations against Mad Dogs will not be required.

Reading, yesterday


A young fan relaxes
in the Madejski Sandpit

Thanks to The Whiff for the cartoon, and Terry, Stefan, and The Whiff for the words.