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by Mid Sussex Royal
01 May 2009 19:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: Predictions: vs Brum & Palace v Sheff Utd
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Re: Predictions: vs Brum & Palace v Sheff Utd

I'm not convinced Sheff Utd will find it as easy as a lot of people are saying. Remember, Palace have had nothing to play for for ages and have been playing kids for weeks but have held us and Brum recently and only lost to Wolves to a really dodgy pen. I'm going for 1 - 1 in that game we'll win 2-0...
by Mid Sussex Royal
01 May 2009 19:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Best games at Elm Park?
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Re: Best games at Elm Park?

The Tranmere score was actually 5-0 - I missed it as too young to go to an evening match!

Agree Plymouth 4-3 takes some beating

Barnsley 7-0 1979/80 was good as well.

Wolves 1-0 1978/79? First Div Vs 4th Div - Pat Earles winner 55 mins.
by Mid Sussex Royal
28 Apr 2009 20:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: This would be amazing
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Re: This would be amazing

If we make it up on Sun I reckon it must be some sort of record - this time last week we were 9 points off an auto promotion spot with just 12 days of the season left!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Mid Sussex Royal
24 Apr 2009 21:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: Inflatables!
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Re: Inflatables!

Huge Shark.

It better not get broke though as the kids need it for hols
by Mid Sussex Royal
22 Apr 2009 21:52
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New Kit - Rate the kit POLL ADDED
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Re: New Kit Again Next Season - R£ADING FC

On subject of replica kits, I have what I think may be the first year Reading sold exact replica kits - we were Div 3 then. It's from around 1982 (as I have pictures of Neil Webb and Gary Heale wearing it) and the manufacturer is Osca - there is no shirt sponsor. I think it was our last season in ho...
by Mid Sussex Royal
22 Apr 2009 20:53
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back From The Game - Derby
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Re: Back From The Game - Derby

I went last night and best performance this year.

In fact I would say best 4 this season have been Sheffield, Wolves, Brum and Derby all away.

I know its elsewhere on diff threads but the pitch has killed us since Dec and its good Coppell and Kitson have spoken up....
by Mid Sussex Royal
22 Apr 2009 20:49
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: London Irish. WHY???
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Re: London Irish. WHY???

Notice Dave Kitson also had a moan about our rugby pitch as well (in London lite tonight). I'm sure I've read somewhere that the club think the pitch condition this season is a one off caused by heavy rain in Dec and too many games in a couple of weeks, and not to do with rugby. Funny that most seas...
by Mid Sussex Royal
05 Apr 2009 17:57
Forum: General Football
Topic: Oh when the Saints, go...
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Re: Saintly Saviour....

I read somewhere that their Bankers had reduced their overdraft facilty and have threatened to call in the debt meaning there is a real threat from that perspective of them being unable to run the club day to day. If that happens it will be an Accurington Stanley situation and they will be removed f...
by Mid Sussex Royal
27 Mar 2009 21:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: The shortest you've ever had to travel to a RFC game
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Re: The shortest you've ever had to travel to a RFC game

Used to live on other side of Prospect Park from Elm Park - 5 mins walk.

Palace is nearest championship ground now - Brighton nearest league ground - although Crawley Town would be nearer if they make it out of the conference.
by Mid Sussex Royal
23 Mar 2009 21:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sheff U at home is now MASSIVE
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Re: Sheff U at home is now MASSIVE

I've a feeling we will win this one.

They are playing 3 days before vs Barnsley - Yorks derby and they both need the points - likely to be a very physical game
by Mid Sussex Royal
22 Mar 2009 18:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Grats Wolves
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Re: Grats Wolves

It's in our hands going into the last month which is all you can ask for. A win at Coventry will really put the pressure on Brum V Wolves. Sheff U have a tough run in and I don't think they are good enough to make second. Cardiff have run out of steam and are still playing catch up - suspensions as ...
by Mid Sussex Royal
11 Mar 2009 21:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ipswich at Home Predictions
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Re: Ipswich at Home Predictions

Reading 2 - 0 Ipswich - were due an early goal!!

Long 11, Marek 58 (free kick from 25 yards)

Stead sent off after 30 mins

There will be changes at the back - Coppell has hinted as much.
by Mid Sussex Royal
11 Mar 2009 21:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: The RUN-IN
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Re: The RUN-IN

This thread is too technical. Basically to go up now we will have to beat or at very best avoid defeat against Birmingham. It is very unlikely even given the games in hand that we will get 3 points clear of them by this game. So to be in with a chance of going up we need to make up at least one poin...
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