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by Uke
23 Oct 2006 11:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: Now That's What I Call Football!!!!!!!!!!
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Still buzzing from the match. Terry Henry was amazing. He seemed to run effortlessly with the ball. It was like a ballet dancer (with a ball). His movement and pace will certainly be something Doyle and Long (as well as the defence) will look and learn from. Perhaps having this pasting early on is a...
by Uke
23 Oct 2006 10:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the match
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Marcus knows full well what his failings are Unfortunately to go 1-0 down so quick and then keep you head up while Arsenal ran the defence ragged isn't exactly easy. Rather than Marcus being at fault I think we really were shown how much we miss Murty and Kitson. More telling aws that Lita never got...
by Uke
23 Oct 2006 10:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: Arsenal v Bristol Rovers
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Everyone who left ten minutes before time missed two goals...

I didn't. :(
by Uke
20 Oct 2006 17:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: Will Dillon have to sit in the stands on Sunday
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He won't be able to get a ticket and if he does it'll be in a corner
by Uke
17 Oct 2006 00:55
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: What time do the players get to the ground?
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Its for my kids - honest :wink:

Which team?
by Uke
13 Oct 2006 10:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading players who use hobnob
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Royal Lady Harps reads it and so do one or two others, I'm lead to believe...I love them all! :wink:

Didn't he disappear after receiving advice about the best way to watch East Enders?
by Uke
11 Oct 2006 12:26
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Stadium Expansion
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Uke Could be a bit draughty in winter...

by Uke
28 Sep 2006 19:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: 10 years of Dill
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by Uke
20 Sep 2006 10:23
Forum: The Team
Topic: Penalty Shoot out video - See inside.
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Re: Penalty Shoot out video - See inside. Quicker than BBC, ITV and Sky Sports rolled into one big sticky ball of broadcasting. Ok, might not have the same production values, but something has to be sacrificed. :wink: Like the funniest penalty link in th list of vids next to yours! http://www.yout...
by Uke
20 Sep 2006 09:06
Forum: The Team
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Mrs Butler I do know about football though..

Name the 1970 England squad without looking it up then... ;)
by Uke
11 Aug 2006 22:45
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: NTL/Reading World
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NTL/Reading World

Email from the club Your complementary access to Reading World, courtesy of NTL Broadband is due to end on the 14th September 2006. However, as a valued online supporter, Reading would like to offer you a 35% discount on this season's subscription. That’s right, Reading World would normally cost Â...
by Uke
07 Aug 2006 12:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sidwell's comments in the post today
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Positive spin is that Sidwell is raring to get stuck into competitive matches though!
by Uke
25 Jul 2006 13:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sign the Petition to save BBCRB Commentary
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their subsequent decision to grant exclusive rights to a radio station (partly owned by the Chairman) with an extremely poor area of coverage in a contest that many suspect took place on a far from level playing field! 107 deny they have an exclusive agreement, although it will work out that way if...
by Uke
15 Jul 2006 11:55
Forum: The Team
Topic: The end of the begining
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yes Iwas at the world cup. Apologies for the first post but I was, and probably still am drunk. When I'm drunk I go into nostalgic/emotional/crap typing mode. Oh well onwards and upwards.... PS note to myself to stop coming on Hob Nob when I'm drunk. Your best post was about two years ago when you ...
by Uke
15 Jul 2006 11:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: Didcot v Royals
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All 5 goals Did Roman play?

Tilehurst Road You are Roman! :lol:

All 5 goals Oh no I'm not....

All 5 goals To play for Reading Achieved last year agianst Didcot.

Oh yes you are and I claim my five pounds!
by Uke
15 Jul 2006 11:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pictures from Didcot
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Re: Pictures from Didcot

Arch Roman didn't make the team this year, but at least he got a lino's job.

Did he fall over?
by Uke
06 Jul 2006 21:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: Seol Ki-Hyeon - FINALLY A SIGNING
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Ahhhh Seol!
by Uke
03 Jul 2006 10:45
Forum: General Football
Topic: Who To Support now
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All monarchists should, of course, support Germany
by Uke
09 Jun 2006 14:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Didcot Town V Reading. Friday 14th July KO 19:30 Ticket Info
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Will Roman be making an appearance again? :lol: We can only hope. THAT was funny. :lol: I haven't been asked to, but I am ready and willing. Ps still waiting for the Championship medal from the club. This is disgraceful treatment of a player who made the biggest impression in the promotion year and...
by Uke
18 Oct 2004 00:44
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Surprise bid as Palace turn to Sidwell
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From what I hear the enquiry was testing Reading's resolve in keeping Sidwell. This is perhaps the bit that's true. ProActive the "friendly" agency coordinated the Newcastle bid for Rooney - although Rooney was never realistically going there. Anyone know who represents Sidwell? We have an asset, w...
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