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by Hopeful
13 Mar 2015 10:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Things No One Says - Reading FC
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Re: Things No One Says - Reading FC

"Those long balls from the back are so annoying. Why can't we revert to the passing and keep ball strategy of Adkins and Rodgers that worked so well in the past"
by Hopeful
13 Mar 2015 10:41
Forum: General Football
Topic: What is the point in HRK
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Re: What is the point in HRK

We should give him a Wales shirt to wear during matches, he seems to play well for them. Agree with earlier post where he has bulked up, and this seems to have slowed him down in taking on players. I suspect he prefers to play behind a striker, but just plays where the manager puts him. He is not a ...
by Hopeful
18 Jan 2013 17:53
Forum: The Team
Topic: Weather Watch- Newcastle
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Re: Weather Watch- Newcastle

tee peg Anyone else on the 07.20 out of Heathrow tomorrow? :shock:

Plenty I would imagine. Unless you have bought the plane.
by Hopeful
10 Jan 2013 20:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: Is Sean Morrison the only player....
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Re: Is Sean Morrison the only player....

Not really on track, but I was disappointed that we narrowly missed out on having Lambert & Butler playing for RFC at the same time. Could have resulted in some great headlines. Can anyone come up with any great double acts on a similar theme that did play together? Did Shane play with Simon? L...
by Hopeful
31 Aug 2012 18:41
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Official Deadline Day Thread......
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Re: Official Deadline Day Thread......

I wonder whether we'd be just as concerned if we saw our new signings all being signed today?
If we'd seen coming in today : Pog, Guthrie, Gunter, McCleary & Shorey, bet we'd all be excited.

We have a decent squad which should have beaten Stoke and were unlucky not to get a point from Chelsea.
by Hopeful
26 Nov 2009 22:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Loanwatch 09-10
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Re: Loanwatch 09-10

Evening guys. Just a quick update. I went to Gillingham v Yeovil tonight, and I have to say Alex McCarthy looks like he will one day be a superb goalkeeper. He is very tall, which surprised me but I don't know why :lol: In the first half, about 2 minutes before Gillingham scored (a penalty) he made...
by Hopeful
26 Nov 2009 22:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading's Unsung Heros
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Re: Reading's Unsung Heros

Gutted that last 2 posts beat me to it: Igoe and Viveash.

Also would add Martin Butler. Annoys me that Cureton gets so much more mention than Martin, who was a superb foil for him.

Newman been mentioned already.

One for the future for unsung: Tabb
by Hopeful
22 Jun 2009 19:03
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Reading to Sign Italian
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Re: Reading to Sign Italian

I've seen clips of Cornetto going pasta couple of defenders easily.
by Hopeful
17 Jan 2008 22:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team v Man Utd
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Need to get Hunt's energy in to the middle. Maybe he's the box-to-box player we've been looking for.... -----------kitson lita convey harper hunt doyle shorey ing cisse dela -----------marcus That could work, tho I can't see Coppell being that experimental. He just doesn't do it. No, I can't see th...
by Hopeful
21 Sep 2007 18:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: Wigan Predictions
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Katie Marsden Having not bothered to read this thread, I predict this prediction thread is full of sh1t predictions and some sad cases will have even tried to predict the attendance.

2 - 0 Doyle, Fae


And I predict some sad posters will not even bother to read this thread
by Hopeful
08 Aug 2007 13:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sidwell V Reading
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Cheer when name read out

Laugh when he skies an effort into row Z

Cry when he scores the winner....
by Hopeful
06 Aug 2007 12:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team To Face Man Utd?
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De La Cruz
by Hopeful
19 Jul 2007 14:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Why are some people on this forum so negative
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Re: Why are some people on this forum so negative

Although I have never posted before I am a long time Reading fan and have attended most matches for years - so please don't call me a newbie or plastic after what I am about to say. Although I often read the comments on here I have not posted before because I am often appalled by the rubbish being ...
by Hopeful
04 Jul 2007 22:59
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Club Website
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Hampshire Royal In the interview with Cisse the interviewer said (words to the effect) that Cisse's English wasn't that bad because he knew big words like ambience!!

Indeed, apparently, it's a white van with flashing lights that takes sick people to hospital
by Hopeful
28 Jun 2007 13:11
Forum: The Team
Topic: Something I think we can all agree on
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Daniella "Birmingham förra säsongen."

Birmingham for a season? :lol:

Birmingham is full of sausages?? What do they mean by that??
by Hopeful
26 Mar 2007 15:23
Forum: The Team
Topic: Who would you most love to see in a reading shirt playing!
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Carmen Electra
by Hopeful
05 Oct 2006 19:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Coppell Manager of the Month???
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moyes got it.
by Hopeful
06 Jul 2006 17:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: Seol Ki-Hyeon - FINALLY A SIGNING
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:? Ki-Hyeon plays on the left. Seol is a six-foot-tall left footed attacking midfielder who was born on 8th January 1979. He is generally a wide player, and is adept on both wings. He can also operate in the middle of midfield or up front. Looks like we're both right. He certainly played on the rig...
by Hopeful
26 May 2006 19:03
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Pitch dug up today!
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I heard Mr Mad has been talking to Charlie Dimmock.
He's chosen sandstone paving for the centre circle, decking in each of the goals plus a water feature near the East Stand.

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