CONFIMRED - Ovie Ejaria

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Re: CONFIMRED - Ovie Ejaria

by NewCorkSeth » 19 Aug 2019 21:41

Hound That bit of trolling from dd was up there with the lamest, most half hearted attempted wind ups I’ve seen on here. Feeble.

I’ve just read the last page and I cannot believe posters were taking him seriously. There is a deal in place for us to buy him next summer. I firmly believe Ejaria wants to play for us and I believe he will join us on a permanent basis next summer.

I cant believe you read the last page and thought anyone was taking him seriously.

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Re: CONFIMRED - Ovie Ejaria

by The Enfield Royal71 » 19 Aug 2019 21:51

Snowflake Royal
Snowflake Royal :lol:

Oh no, you never make stuff up.

“Inside contacts”. My arse.

voices in his head.


You're both so clueless its cute.

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Re: CONFIMRED - Ovie Ejaria

by bcubed » 19 Aug 2019 23:33

Yes me too. I felt of the five loanees from January he had the most potential. We could see why yesterday. He wanted to come back here and seems very settled already.

He was of the 5 probably the least influential but by no means was that any particular indication of his performances. The bar was set very high. I really enjoyed him here last year, thought he was excellent and when we were linked earlier in the summer I was delighted. To finally have him is a real coup and especially with such a low buy obligation next year. He’s come back looking even stronger, hungrier, skilful and quicker.

He’s still young though and is a flair player so I just hope when he doesn’t put in an amazing performance fans aren’t quick to get on his back. Absolutely love Ovie.

I want to second all that. We all need to band together and publically shame anyone who criticises him unnecessarily. I said it many a time over the summer. He has bags of potential. The most I remember seeing in a player.


Outstanding performance on Sunday

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