Speculation Nigel Adkins new DOF?

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Lower West
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Re: Speculation Nigel Adkins new DOF?

by Lower West » 25 Aug 2019 14:51

Hound I still don’t know what to think about McD 2.0


The club was in a mess at the time. As we subsequently learnt to our cost. The entire football management side of the club went further backwards afterwards. On reflection I would have happily watched Reading finish comfortably in mid table while the club rebuilt itself for 3 seasons.

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Re: Speculation Nigel Adkins new DOF?

by Tekkers » 27 Aug 2019 16:21

Adkins used to take in quite a few Reading games when he was last out of work. I only see this as more of the same. He loves football and takes in as many games as he can.

Forbury Lion
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Re: Speculation Nigel Adkins new DOF?

by Forbury Lion » 29 Aug 2019 09:42

Massive +1 to that

Yeah +1 as well, seems to get a lot of hate but I can never work out why.

Right manager at the wrong time.

Absolutely. Top guy.
Likewise Brian Dermot, Did a fantastic job the first time round under the Russian with limited resources.... second time round, his main faults were probably not realising how shit things had gotten under the Thai's & maybe let his heart rule his decision to return.

I imagine under similar circumstances even Steve Coppell would have struggled, in fact I suspect Steve Coppell would have walked away after 6 games and/or 33 days in charge.

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