MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday (a) sponsored by c'mon URZ

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday (a) sponsored by c'mon URZ

by Denver Royal » 22 Apr 2018 03:05

Denver Royal
I`m saying we have players that are not good at this level. a fragile defence that Liam Moore tries hard to hold together on his own, christ his market value has dropped through the floor hasn`t it? put a red shirt on Gunter and we would be midtable. LB has been a huge problem all season without Obita. to think Blackett played for Man U is astounding.
Midfield is too light weight. when you have to rely on JVDB as as one of only 3 choices as a DM you seriously have to look at Stam and his cronies. not one of them are fit to tie Danny Wiilam`s laces. he played with passion, some of these guys dont even know how to spell it.
Attacking midfield options arealso limited , Kelly, too light weight. what happened to the Swift of last year? he`s had injury setbacks I know but he as a long way to go to get back to the player we know he can be. Edwards Clement and Bacuna, meh.
Now we come to the attacking options, Barrow I cant really fault. he possesses a threat when he`s given spaces to run at a full back without his goals we would be bottom 3 already, but he has a tendency to disappear for long spells.
Then we have Aluko. I`m not sure who`s more talented him or his sister. I`m pretty confident theres a decent player in there somewhere. but we`ve not seen enough of it this season.
Strikers for me cant be criticised too much. in this team Harry Kane would struggle. Bod always puts in a shift, but Kermy is way past his sell by date, he`s got another year but I wouldnt be surprised if he calls it a day in May.
To cap it off all the damage was done this season before a ball was even kicked in anger. pre-season and against the Dog and Duck. terrible recruitement, and Stam refusing to change his tactics until we were knee deep in the brown stuff,
Clement could never have known how appalling this squad was when he signed on that dotted line, if he keeps us up he deserves a knighthood.

Windy, good points, as usual. I agree with much of it.

I'm just saying that, when you hire a new guy mid season, it is presumably in the belief that he will make a big difference. He saw the squad prior. Is it worse than he thought, I dunno.

Mid season? :shock:

I meant 'mid', as in, during the season. 'Late' in the season is more accurate. Just like Monk was hired as such. Could have been the start, middle, or end. Or he could have been hired in the Summer. No matter when you are hired, and you chose to be, you are still going to be judged and evaluated on your body of work from day one. Every manager is. He must have liked the looks of things, no?

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday (a) sponsored by c'mon URZ

by Snowflake Royal » 22 Apr 2018 09:58

PistolPete Just seen the goals.

The defending was PATHETIC

Two season plan needed, season one should be to buy 3 players who will run themselves into the ground for the team first and foremost. We NEED to change the attitude of the eleven on the pitch...

What happens I predict....Clement is only a slight upgrade on Stam, and we are looking for another manager in January. That plan will surely be in tatters? Long term plans always seem a bad idea....and scenario us always change.

Long term plans are never a bad idea. Sometimes you just have to accept a failure and set back, not letting it derail the long term plan.

Short term plans just see you firefighting the same old shit every season til you fail anyway.

Better to accept the risk and focus on getting us back on track properly rather than yet again throwing the kitchen sink at a big quick turnaround.

We need to accept we're no longer a consistently top championship side and do what it takes to address that sustainably.

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday (a) sponsored by c'mon URZ

by Royal Rother » 22 Apr 2018 11:32

Jackson Corner
Royal Rother Repeating myself from a year or 2 ago but I so wish we had had the balls to give Stacey, Fosu (and other of our own youngsters) who DID give a fcuk about the club having come through the ranks a proper chance to establish themselves.

They would have cost massively less than than the bunch of useless twats we’ve spent fortunes on this year and absolutely no way would they have been any worse.

And they’d have been OURS, players the fans could give a fcuk back about.

Liam Kelly is one of our own he was the worst player on the pitch today. Brentford scrapped there academy five years ago and have gone from strength to strength, with a budget half of ours.

Yep, there is no definite right or wrong, but I would rather have seen a struggling team made of our own youngsters and relative financial health than this shower of shite.

As for Brentford, let’s see how that model looks in a few years’ time.

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