18th December 1999
Madejski Stadium
Reading 2 Wrexham 2

The match report for Pants Day is available just here.

Pre-Pants Day Information Follows:

Make sure you're involved on Saturday 18th December:

Hob Nob Anyone? recommends:
At least two pairs of pants are required - wear one pair on the top over your trousers, use the other pair to wave around at appropriate moments!
Create a party atmosphere! Bring inflatables!
Bring as many blue and white balloons as you can lay your hands on!


In a recent Hob Nob Anyone? survey 78% of fans responded by saying they'd be taking part in Pants Day. Poll results as follows:

Will You Be Actively Supporting Pants Day?
You Voted: YES.

Votes collected from 15 December 1999 to 17 December 1999.
170 Votes, 78% said they'd be swinging pants, while 22% said their y-fronts would be staying put in the top draw at home.


Statement from the PANTS day organisers:

'Pants Day' has been spontaneously inspired by events at Reading Football Club as a safe and fun alternative to the inevitable pitch invasion. Enthusiastically promoted by a number of responsible & genuine fans. 'Pants Day' involves the waving of 'Y' fronts to protest at the pants performance of Reading Football Club; 'Pants for Pants' you might say. This is NOT a demonstration organized against any particular individual, but a novel, humorous and harmless expression of concern, designed to draw the club's attention to the depth of feeling and frustration felt by many supporters. The intention is to have a fun day with plenty of noise and express our serious concern at Reading Football Clubs current predicament.

Those of us who now find ourselves at the centre of media interest (and a wonderful, funny and interesting debate) would like to make a statement clarifying our position, intention and objectives. This is NOT an official statement, but a reasonable consensus of opinions expressed by a large number of fans.

Pants Day Saturday 18th December 1999 (Wrexham)

We advocate the WAVING of PANTS as an expression of good-natured criticism for the lack of effort, passion and style shown by our team
We wish to unite the Reading fans with a catalyst, which is safe, fun and newsworthy.
We wish to raise our club's profile and the awareness of the directors of our passion for the club and the need to invest even more in our hopes and aspirations
We want to re-awaken the interest of stay away fans, re-creating an atmosphere at the Madejski stadium to rival and exceed that of Elm Park.
We want to prevent illegal, unsafe or dangerous activities, such as pitch invasions
We want to be proud of our Football Club, excited by our team and we want to, once again, enjoy being Reading supporters.
We want all supporters to act responsibly and create a carnival atmosphere in all parts of the ground, except the South stand where we hope the gloom-and-doom of disappointment will settle over the away fans for a change.

If you want to help or support us e-mail: ledward1@netcomuk.co.uk

Make use of PANTS day to support your club to the full. Don't buy cheap and nasty Y-Fronts from poor quality town centre shops and market stalls. Swing those PANTS on Saturday 18 December at the Madejski Stadium - and do it in style.

Quality Reading Football Club branded blue and white boxers are available now from the club Megastore at the Madejski Stadium. For 7 pounds and 99 pence you can be sure that the elastic wont break on these 100 percent cotton boxers as you swing them around your head.

To celebrate the latest edition to the official merchandise range the club shop is opening this Sunday, for the first time, between 10am and 4pm. The club shop will be open seven days a week between now and Christmas - but beat the rush and get down there to stock up on pants.


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