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Hob Nob Anyone? is an entirely non-profit making website - and always has been. This website doesn't exist to make money off the back of Reading FC - it's here to support the club by providing a website for fans. Any money earnt by Hob Nob Anyone? through the sale of items on this website is used to fund this site and is put directly back into the club - please see the information below!

HNA? / URZ Stuff To Buy

Reading Legends Sold Out!

2002/2003 Squad Caricature Sold Out!

HNA? / URZ T-Shirts Sold Out!
URZ Products (keyrings, hats and caps) Sold Out!
The URZ / Number 13 Song (CD) Sold Out!

Football Related PC/PS2 Games

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PS2) 25% off

FIFA 2006 (PS2) 25% off

Football Manager 2006 (PC/Mac) 28% off

Football Related DVD / Video

Germany 1 England 5 [2001]

1966 World Cup Final

Free Stuff To Grab

Free Biscuitmen Car Sticker


Reading FC Related Books

Heaven on Earth: History 1871-2003
(published 13 November 2003)

Definitive Reading FC: A Statistical History

Robin Friday: The Greatest Footballer...
Reading Football Club - 100 Greats
Reading FC, 1871-1997 (Images of England)
A - Z of Reading Football Club

How Is Hob Nob Funded?

This website is funded in three ways:

  • Straight from the pocket of the site's creator
  • From the profit made on the sale of items from this shopping area
  • From clicks on the banner and button adverts on the website

Site Costs

The cost of running the site is partially funded for free by Oscura who host this website. However we still have plenty to pay for, including:

  • Domain name registrations
  • Bandwidth and hosting services
  • Promotional items given away for free (these have included car stickers and printed balloons)

Money To Reading FC

When we can we put money straight back into Reading FC. The following items have been bought and used as prizes on this website:

  • £300 of Reading FC vouchers
  • A replica home shirt
  • ... plenty more to come hopefully!

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