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STAR - Supporters Trust At Reading STAR is the Supporters Trust At Reading. It’s the successor to Reading Football Supporters’ Club and will do all that the Supporters’ Club did - and more! Last season (2001/2002) nearly 2000 Reading fans joined the Supporters’ Club - STAR aims to build on that number for 2002/03.
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All members get :

STAR also seeks to encourage support for Reading FC, acquire and hold shares in the club on behalf of supporters, promote constructive involvement of supporters in the club and continue the work of RFSC.

Founder Membership

STAR (Supporters Trust At Reading) begins life in July 2002. Any Reading fan can become a Founder Member of STAR - but only during the course of the 2002/03 season. The minimum donation/fee is £25. Founder Membership will be limited to 1000 members only.

What EXTRA do Founder Members get?

Why have a Founder Membership?

Almost all Supporters Trusts charge a lot more than the £5 introductory STAR membership fee for 2002/03. The cost of setting up and running STAR, which aims to have a wider range of activities than RFSC, needs funding now. Ordinary membership of STAR (£5) will go up in 2003/04, probably to £10, so Founder Members will only be paying an extra £10. Founder Membership is a way for people to express their support of Reading Football Club, the STAR organisation and the principles of Supporters Trusts.

How to join as a Founder Member

Use the appropriate box on our standard application form together with a fee of not less than £25. If you have already joined as a standard £5/£2.50 member your membership can be upgraded, provided you apply by 30.6.03.

How to Join STAR

To join STAR either as a Founder Member or as a regular member for the 2002/2003 season please download the following application form. Please print the following PDF file, complete and sent with appropriate payment. Full details are included on the application form:

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