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by Nobby
09 Dec 2015 16:09
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: PA announcer
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Re: PA announcer

I might ban myself to prevent having to tolerate him rambling and playing that siren noise. I suggest a banner could say "Back the boys and STF Up" However there are those posters of Clarke and, I think, Robin Friday next to the old video screen. Presumably the Clarke one has gone so if an...
by Nobby
09 Dec 2015 14:36
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: PA announcer
Replies: 497
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Re: PA announcer

Against QPR, not only did he get Make Some Noise and Back the Boys the wrong way round, he finished with Come on You Rs, clearly unaware it's QPR's nickname and gave them a chance to sing it. I can't imagine it is possible to get a worse announcer than this halfwit. He thinks he's at a children's pa...
by Nobby
16 Aug 2015 20:40
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: PA announcer
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PA announcer

Seems the bloke who did the Leeds game and calls us Reading Royals is back to stay.

Is there no-one else who could do this more professionally?

I thought they'd got rid of him after he played music to the Bradford pitch invader.

But I m told we are now stuck with him.
by Nobby
16 May 2015 13:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Things to enjoy when watching Reading FC
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Re: Things to enjoy when watching Reading FC

The football if it was any good.

The beer if it wasn't overpriced.

The owners if we knew who they were.

The Tannoy if it ever worked properly.
by Nobby
11 May 2015 22:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: Things that annoy you when you watch Reading
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Things that annoy you when you watch Reading

Radio Berkshire had a good feature during the Derby game when they asked for things that irritate fans. For me its the fact the main body of fans (ie East stand) have to crick their necks to see the big screen coz it faces the west stand. And the fat rude bald bloke at the back of Y20 who boos the R...
by Nobby
28 Apr 2015 22:31
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Safe standing end?
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Re: Safe standing end?

I'd like to see the back of the North Stand turned into safe standing as a trial.

Grimsby look like doing it: ... story.html
by Nobby
18 Mar 2015 13:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: Chants about the fire?
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Re: Chants about the fire?

While everyone gets indignant about whose yobs were the worst, I remember that during the Bradford fire their fans were singing and jumping about on the pitch while other people were dying. Neither club has exclusivity on morons. We all have them. They turn up for games Monday's but there won't be m...
by Nobby
17 Mar 2015 22:22
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: The Tannoy bloke
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The Tannoy bloke

For the last few home matches I've been cringing at the 1970s DJ impersonator who seems to be trying to create atmosphere by wittering nonsense and playing music at deafening levels. I can't wait until he hands over to Paul Allen on the pitch. I would imagine he's the same dipstick who played music ...
by Nobby
11 Jan 2015 20:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Singing problem
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Singing problem

This season there seems to be almost no singing from the the Y25 area. I know it's an old topic but this season we seems to have lost what little noise there was from that area. Has something happened or is it just the smaller crowds mean we can no longer muster a song? Away fans seem puzzled that e...
by Nobby
10 Jan 2014 22:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading fan hit by seat - thrown by Reading fan
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Re: Reading fan hit by seat - thrown by Reading fan

Some of the more stupid comments on this thread suggest old men should tolerate seat throwing or not to go football matches.

If that's the case at what age are you plonkers going to retire from watching Reading because you appear to believe there is an age limit.
by Nobby
02 Nov 2013 18:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the game as soon as SWFC
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Re: Back from the game as soon as SWFC

Losing is one thing but listening to Adkins on Radio Berks waffling on about nothing is an insult.
by Nobby
25 Aug 2013 10:59
Forum: General Football
Topic: Jimmy Kebe
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Re: Jimmy Kebe ... jury-blow/

According to this (six months ago) he was going to be out for two weeks.

Some groin strain.
by Nobby
13 Jul 2013 13:16
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Case Study: New Website
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Re: Case Study: New Website

The OS is cluttered, unfriendly and it keeps sending me to pages I didn't want. It would be nice to go to a site that felt like it was there for my interest rather than to trick the reader into I increasing the number if hits and trying to get me to sign up to its crummy Player service. A bit of ret...
by Nobby
17 Sep 2012 18:34
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Bars in the North Stand
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Re: Bars in the North Stand

I managed to get into the hotel but could not get near the bar. Shutting the upstairs so a dozen or so posh types can have it to themselves looks a bad move to me. They must be losing shedloads in takings.
by Nobby
16 Sep 2012 13:53
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New Website?
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Re: New Website?

Just looked at Brighton's site on my phone and it looks just like ours used to look. Much better than the useless one we have now.
by Nobby
20 Aug 2012 17:00
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New restrictions
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Re: New restrictions

If that's all they're using it for they must have lost a lot of money in sales of their overpriced beer. I saw the queue outside and decided that's the last time I'm bothering. Had a cheap coffee in Costco in the end but it p1ssed me off that even when you want to buy their pricey beer and let the t...
by Nobby
30 Jun 2012 11:04
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New Home Kit Poll
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Re: New Home Kit Poll

Only two blue hoops. Don't like it. Good to see blue shorts at least.
by Nobby
15 May 2012 20:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Better songs
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Better songs

Man City's Premier League title at last gives us a chance to reply to Man Utd fans' unoriginal songs next season. Yet again, they'll no doubt drone "You've never won f--- all" At last we can now reply with "Eight points and you f---ed it up" And of course "You'll soon be Cit...
by Nobby
01 May 2012 18:16
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Green park station/south Reading station
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Re: so what happened to the new station?

Pretty much scrapped for the foreseeable. ... he_buffers
by Nobby
08 Mar 2012 17:50
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: away fans
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Re: away fans

VINTAGE ROYAL who makes the dicision to move the away fans to the other side of the south stand. completly killed any chance of an atmosphere last night.

whoever it was is a twat

There's normally an atmosphere?
It is currently 06 Jun 2020 21:17