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by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
04 Apr 2009 18:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Official Coventry Match Thread
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Re: Official Coventry Match Thread

In your completely unfounded opinion.

What does this mean? How is one's opinion unfounded?

by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
14 Jan 2009 22:59
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Chris Taylor
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Re: RUMOUR - Chris Taylor

by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
10 Jan 2009 19:48
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: £35,000 week loan signing on his way to Reading FC!
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Re: £35,000 week loan signing on his way to Reading FC!

Deathy It's not Kitson. Word is he could be on his way to Sheffield United or Wolves now. United though lead the way if what I heard is true.

LOL, "what you heard" is really "what I read on another thread".
by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
29 Oct 2008 01:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: Burnley ~ What The Press Say
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Re: Burnley ~ What The Press Say

Well I must say that I was disappointed when reading the title of this thread "What the press say" instead of "What the papers say", but absolutely appalled when seeing the author was not, in fact, Far Canal but Half Man Half Biscuit. I don't know, some things in life are a const...
by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
18 Oct 2008 11:09
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR: Bristol City made bids for Lita
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Re: RUMOUR: Bristol City made bids for Lita

West Stand Man Is there anyone who can do a check on champions09 to see who he/she is? The constant wind up, offensive reaction etc looks a bit like a couple of other previous posters.

It is Goderz, the insufferable little chav.
by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
18 Aug 2006 14:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: Andy Gray...On Sky Sports News
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blade 1 that fact apears to be that united have the best chance of staying up.

by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
08 Aug 2006 23:36
Forum: The Team
Topic: Guillaume Norbert
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rabidbee It's looking a bit dated now, but Ray Curry's database of ex-players is as comprehensive as they come. According to this, Norbert had a trial with us in December 2000.

I dunno why but I thought his name was Rat Curry :shock:
by JoeyJoeJoeJnrShabadoo
19 Jul 2006 03:11
Forum: The Team
Topic: Any reaction from the fans towards Sidwell ?
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Tilehurst Road Quite frankly I couldn't give a toss about 95% of our first team players.

Funny that, they all speak very highly of you.
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