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by Royal With Cheese
07 Aug 2006 15:34
Forum: STAR (Supporters' Trust At Reading)
Topic: STAR Exiles - Overview
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Limerick Royal Are there any other royals in ireland. Will be at limerick city vs drogheda on friday.

Only us here in the Black North.

Will be at home drinking on Friday.
by Royal With Cheese
02 Aug 2006 10:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: BBC Berkshire's online coverage
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Would it be possible to offer us podcasts of the commentary of the match say a day afterwards?
by Royal With Cheese
29 Jul 2006 21:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Official Swindon -v- RFC thread
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You are a joke Swindon. That's our biggest game of the season out of the way. Enjoy your trips to Barnet, Rochdale and Hartlepool..... Just think'll NEVER play us in a league game again. I remember having a similar conversation with an Oxford fan in 1986 just after they'd won the Mil...
by Royal With Cheese
20 Jul 2006 11:33
Forum: The Team
Topic: Any reaction from the fans towards Sidwell ?
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The club is nothing without the players, and its performances could be affected if just one of them sustains a long term injury. If one fan goes no-one would notice. Actually a club is nothing without supporters. Players (and Chairmen) will come and go but as someone else has already pointed out, s...
by Royal With Cheese
11 Jul 2006 00:59
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Feyenoord tickets on sale online
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alad Very dubious.

Are you daring to suggest that people do not actually post the truth on an internet message board?


I will have to reaccess my entire life now.
by Royal With Cheese
07 Jul 2006 13:46
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: The Madstad and increasing capacity
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Re: The Madstad and increasing capacity

You sure? Ipswich, Burnley to name two towns that may argue that. HAHA Burnley's smaller than Wokingham! Offical 2001 cencus stats: Wokingham 150,257 Burnley 89,542 Ipswich is quite a big town though it's population over the last 20 years has actually been falling! However, Reading's urban sprawl h...
by Royal With Cheese
05 Jul 2006 15:53
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Away Shirt Arrived
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And the grammar police's post count just keeps rising.....
by Royal With Cheese
03 Jul 2006 10:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: Players you won't see at the Madejski next season
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Freddy Flintoff

Jensen Button
by Royal With Cheese
03 Jul 2006 10:28
Forum: General Football
Topic: Who To Support now
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With the dream over for another 4 years, and with a lot of peoples second choice team, Brazil, also crashing out, we are left in a bit of a dilema of who to support. We have more reasons to hate rather than like the teams that are left so who will you support in the tournament now. Why are Brazil e...
by Royal With Cheese
03 Jul 2006 10:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: Players you won't see at the Madejski next season
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Ron Futcher.

Billy Whitehurst.
by Royal With Cheese
14 Dec 2004 23:11
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: NEWSFLASH...... Centre Half Set to Sign for Royals
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Sir Dodger Royal Mark my keyboardddddddddddd.

If your keyboard is giving you your "tips" then I give it 0/10.

If I was you I'd start listneing to your CD ROM Drive instead.
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