Meeting Reading players

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by RoyalBlue » 20 Nov 2013 21:54

Tokyo Sex Whale Showed a couple round houses, none of them bought any.

One was interested in a house, his wife loved it and they were primed to make an offer. All of a sudden it went cold and she told me they wouldn't be in the area next year. Player left a few months after.

Overall, all decent guys.

One tried to rent a place through us, the landlady Googled his name and said "For no amount of money would I rent my house to that person". He is a still with us now.

Can't give names unfortunately but theres my tuppence.

You're Mick Gooding? :shock:

Cureton's Volley
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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Cureton's Volley » 20 Nov 2013 22:05

Met Gilkesy in The George on Lodden Bridge when I was about 11

Saw Mark McGee entering the opticians on Broad Street, and as 13 yr old lads we gave him stick :oops:

Darius Henderson used to live in Norton Road, Woodley in the new houses which were developed on the site of the old timber yard who's gate was our 'goal'. Our ball occasionally ended up in his back garden, which suprisingly his misses was fine with, but he took objection to. A few of the lads wolf whistled his bird next time they pulled up in his car, further compounding his frustration - the moody sod!

Jamie Cureton & James Harper opened the Lacoste store in the Oracle. They signed my maths book (teacher not happy). Obvs I let Curo have the front. Curo was good bants but Harper was playing it a bit too cool. Still hoping I get a new Curo signed gift this xmas as my Brother works with him at CTFC.

In 1999 had a Cricket skills event on the hockey pitch in Sonning adjacent to the RFC training ground. Got my cricket hat signed by Pards, Parky, Williams & Murty.

Saw Madejski in M&S last month, top chap.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Scutterbucketz » 20 Nov 2013 22:28

I've met a few over the years, no interesting stories. Although when I met Alex Pearce in a club in Reading last November he did tell me all about his contract woes in great deal, which was a bit odd.

My young brother met a very drunk Adie Williams in the Gateway a couple of Sundays ago. Apparently he was steaming drunk and was, at one point, stood on a table singing and having a good time.

As my brother went to the toilet, some Irish drunk pointed at the poppy he was wearing and said "what the feck are you wearing that shite for?!??"

Adie must have overheard because as my brother walked past him he held out his hand and said "Fair play for wearing your poppy with pride, mate!" and then when my brother came out of the toilet Adie had bought him a pint and they had a chat for a while.

My brother said he was a genuinely nice bloke.

Just remembered something else; my best mates ex wife was (apparently) gang banged by 6 or 7 of the 2002-2003 team.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by 3points » 20 Nov 2013 23:22

Bryn at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, while his daughter was having swimming lessons at the same time as my son. Quick chat but quite quiet.

Harps in TGI Friday on my son's birthday about 6 years ago - he was happy to have his photo taken

Mass Sarr - awarded him MoM on his debut. My company was match day sponsor that day.

Shane Long's other half's dad (OK that's a stretch). he quoted to do some landscaping work in my garden a couple of years ago. Said his daughter was missing home.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Faithful Son » 20 Nov 2013 23:38

Bumped into Nicky Hammond at the Showcase cinema once. As me and the Mrs approached our viewing screen, he was in the middle of a heated argument with the usher. It appeared Squeaky had popped out to buy some popcorn and forgot to take his ticket with him so the usher wouldn't let him back in. To my acute embarrassment Mrs F.S. whipped out a pen and some paper and asked Squeaky for an autograph. At first Hammond looked like couldn't quite believe what was happening but eventually he started laughing and signed. It also seemed to impress the usher who suddenly decided to let him back in to join Mrs. Squeaky and the little ones.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Gordons Cumming » 21 Nov 2013 00:50

Met all the record breaking 106 team when getting signatures for some artwork I produced, including SC & JM. At Hogwood and in players bar at Mad Stad.

Played and beat Gary Peters at table tennis in the 70's/80's. :lol: Easily....... He was playing for Macfisheries of Bracknell for some reason. :shock:

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by peterroyal76 » 21 Nov 2013 03:30

A pissed Paul Holsgrove trying to cross caversham bridge, I think he was arguing with some bird.
Jeff Hopkins and Parky after we beat Port Vale 4-0 away in 93/94.
Andy Bernal in safeway on Basingstoke rd.
Shaka and most of the squad in Utopia the night before he left for Newcastle.

Colin Cheeselog
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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Colin Cheeselog » 21 Nov 2013 09:09

Bumped into Andy Bernal in a bush in Caversham a few years ago.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Agent Balti » 21 Nov 2013 09:16

Totally forgot about the Utopia post Championship winning night. That was absolutely immense. Whispers were heard that the team were coming, but we didn't believe it until we saw them.

Shaka, Kerr, Lovell, I talked to. Lovell was great, Kerr was well pished by the time I spoke to him. Shaka just nodded and smiled A LOT. Seeing him absolutely off his face later in the night is something I'll never forget!

Dillon was mashed, I think Quinn was there, couldn't be sure. But needless to say, whoever was there at the time was having a bloody good time!!!

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by leon » 21 Nov 2013 09:44

Just remembered something else; my best mates ex wife was (apparently) gang banged by 6 or 7 of the 2002-2003 team.

that's delightful

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by M U R T Y » 21 Nov 2013 10:08

Drank some of Archie's bottle of champagne standing in the directors box after we got through to 94/95 playoff final - the Tranmere game - My brother and I decided to stand up by the directors box as everyone was huddled round the tunnel waiting for the players to come back out - then they all appeared in the directors box - I was about 14 at the time, so clearly made up
Barry Hunter bought me a becks in Valbonnes "VIP" many years back now
Andy Hughes in the players lounge - nice enough bloke
Phil Parkinson, Neil Webb, Harper, Bryn in Sports Division (used to work there)
Kevin Watson in Debenhams - had a long chat with him about the fact he wasn't getting in the team at the time - he left about 6 months later (the club, not debenhams) - he was really nice bloke
Sanchez in swallowfield - he lives there - and everyone thinks he's miserable
Glenn Little running and cycling around shinfield/spencers wood last spring/summer - must live round there somewhere. Also saw him at Shinfield 10k (and beat him)
Countless players in reading nandos - think karacan might live there
met JM twice - once at school and once at sporting dinner about 10 years ago. Played football outisde in the carpark with a blokes signed football that he won in the auction for £350. Was scuffed to bits by the end.
Seen Kebe, Shorey (coming out of betting shop), Long, Cisse, Kitson, Feds plus probably many more walking round Reading shopping
Adie Whitbread and Lloyd Owusu at hospitality
Adie Williams in Pitcher & Piano - he was far too happy to be approached - top bloke though

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by TBM » 21 Nov 2013 10:27

Cureton's Volley Darius Henderson used to live in Norton Road, Woodley in the new houses which were developed on the site of the old timber yard who's gate was our 'goal'. Our ball occasionally ended up in his back garden, which suprisingly his misses was fine with, but he took objection to. A few of the lads wolf whistled his bird next time they pulled up in his car, further compounding his frustration - the moody sod!

lol - as i said....

TBM Darius Henderson got jealous cos i was friendly with his missus and he saw us hug in a chippy....came in and just stood there staring at me.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by The Rouge » 21 Nov 2013 10:43

Only one Trevor Morley Aaron Brown in Envy night club in Camberly after a night at the Lakeside darts. This was during his reading highpoint of a few decent displays in the reserves. My brother recognised him, I suspect it was the first and only time he was recognised.

Alan Pardew was collecting his luggage off the same flight as me back from San Francisco in 2003. Bit stand offish.

High Fived Ibrahima Sonko in the turtle after the the Derby 4-0 win that clinched the title. Also chatted to Scott Golbourne who wasnt at all interesting.

Hi! It was 5-0 and it wasn't the turtle is was that awful place - Risa? something else? (unless only your brother was with us and you saw them later that evening..)

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by LWJ » 21 Nov 2013 11:25

Alex Pearce in an Oracle car park lift. Really nice guy for the whole 4 levels we travelled. :lol: Said how we needed him back at the time and thanked him for the previous year.

ALF in the old Grosvenor after he scored 2 in some game last season. Fcuking grumpy cnut

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by loyalroyal4life » 21 Nov 2013 12:00

Met a fair few of them on nights out. Pearce, Long, Matt Mills (said he was destined for new pastures north as reading fans didn't want him), Noel Hunt, Jem & Morro.

Pearce is a top bloke, talking about aim to be in the mix and then kick on in new year. Said all still learning but enjoying new ways of playing and that they all feel Burnley will drop by end of season!!

Adie Williams in Henley, ended up buying me beers all night just so he could have a gander at the girls at a 6th form party!!!

Most recently Tyson in town, said he was off to blackpool and surprise surprise he ended up there!!
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11.30 from paddington
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Re: Meeting Reading players

by 11.30 from paddington » 21 Nov 2013 13:49

Met Trevor Senior a few years ago in the hotel after a game. Had quite a long chat about the current team (2006/2007) and told him how he scored a hat-trick in my first ever Reading game. Really nice bloke and modestly said he wouldn't get in the (then) current team.

Spoke to Harper and Nathan Tyson once. They were pretty decent guys and spent the time taking the mick out of each others clothes.

I lived in pcuntsville when Pardew and Martin Allen were at the club, so took the opportunity to see them in action at the London Masters in the Docklands. I was wearing some Reading merchandise (yeah, yeah - grown man wearing a football shirt. I don't normally wear it outside the house/playing 5-aside) and Allen clocked me (the Reading shirt) and strode over with his missus, with a huge smile on his face with a greeting, "What are YOU doing here?" as if we were old friends. We had a decent chat and wished him luck. He was playing for West Ham and they went on to win that tournament. When on the podium, he spotted us and gave us the thumbs up. Top bloke.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Dick Habbin's hairdo » 21 Nov 2013 14:19

Robin Friday walking up the oxf*rd Road in an Afghan coat, cowboy boots and his footy boots slung over his shoulder as he was on his way to training in Prospect Park but I think he only got as far as the Spread. I was about 10 and my mum was driving and waiting to get out of Beresford Road when Legend walked past. He saw me say: "That's Robin Friday!", he came over and tapped on the driver's door window. Mother wound it down and Friday leaned in and gave her kiss.

Tommy Youlden and Bryan Carnaby - and occasionally Bruce Stuckey and Minty Murray - used to coach our school team in Prospect Park.

No-one mentioned Dylan Kerr at Luton?

Oh, and trashed Phil Parkinson and Tom Jones getting to my seat next to them at Tranmere away in the play-off. Didn't realise it was them until Mrs DHH started a deep and meaningless convo with Parky because she fancied him.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Royal Lady » 21 Nov 2013 14:27

Obv big Trev - also Jerry Williams, Sanch, Mad Max - all the team from early 80s really.

Shane Long in my house and then gave him a lift to the ground as he was having an interview with some newspaper

Dave Kitson in the Mad Stad Hotel, when I was with Trevor - moody , up-his-own arse, Trev didn't like him at all!

Simon Cox

SHunt, Lita, Doyle, Little and the rest of the team, but spoke to those 4 - we were staying in same hotel before *that* game at Derby - asked them to keep the noise down that night as Me and Schards had a big game the next day. Had quite a bit of bant with them as it happens. Morning of the game on the Sunday, we were walking round the hotel gardens and saw Copps - had a nice little chat and wished him well and thanked him for everything he had done for Reading - Schards wouldn't let me hug him and kiss his baldy head (Copps' not Schards') :wink: Saw Hammond looking very pensive and like a lamb to the slaughter - decided to leave him well alone.

Also seen SHunt and Little in Sainsbury's Winnersh.

Son has seen a few of the players where he works and has got to know one quite well.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by Winchester Royal » 21 Nov 2013 14:47

Saw Matt Mills in Southampton with his missus a few years ago.
Also spoke to Steve Coppell at the Didcot friendly the summer before we won the title. I asked him if we were going to win the league that year, and he said that he'd give it his best shot. Clearly a man of his word.

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Re: Meeting Reading players

by UpThePrem » 21 Nov 2013 15:09

Sat next to Alfie two weeks ago in TGI Fridays. Didn't speak to him as he was with his family.

Spoke to Jordan Obite in BP at Loddon Bridge last week. Only got an oldish Audi A3.

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