STH Options

Be honest

Option 1 - do nothing
Option 2 - donate charity
Option 3 - credit next season
Option 4 - refund
Total votes: 43
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Re: STH Options

by PieEater » 30 Jul 2020 11:49

They would have to handle groups of people if they started a restricted allocation, ie I wouldn't want to attend if my son couldn't.

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Re: STH Options

by One87One » 03 Aug 2020 16:57

Decided not to renew. I'll get a half season ticket instead.

There's talk that we might be able to go to games soon but with social distancing and fans being asked to not shout/sing. Might as well be listening on the radio!

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Re: STH Options

by SCIAG » 04 Aug 2020 15:24

Controversial view perhaps (I’d have been shocked to hear myself say it a year ago) but if “credit for next season” was “double credit towards iFollow for next season” then I’d gobble that up. With travel time, exposure to the elements, facilities/comfort, safety, etc. iFollow is just the better service.

Tim and Mick might occasionally talk nonsense but they’re much better than the guy behind me who calls the goalkeeper “Jaakola”, or Club 1871 with their nonsense. Then the only issue is Snoop.

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