Should Reading drop the Royals nickname ?

Should Reading FC adopt a new nickname

Poll ended at 30 Jun 2021 19:21
Keep The Royals I love the Royal family
Keep the Royals but I wish the grifters would bugger off
New name and I am lukewarm about the royal family
Return to an old name like the kennetsiders :?:
I have no opinion (ian)
No votes
Total votes: 30
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Re: Should Reading drop the Royals nickname ?

by Green » 22 Sep 2021 19:09

AthleticoSpizz Which side of that vintage pitchside fencing are you on Gruners?

I'm sitting on it

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Re: Should Reading drop the Royals nickname ?

by AthleticoSpizz » 22 Sep 2021 19:12

Atop your grand dads cloth cap to stop the splinters no doubt

:wink: etc

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Re: Should Reading drop the Royals nickname ?

by The Green Programme » 23 Sep 2021 20:26

The Green Programme
‘The Biscuitmen’ always seemed a dusty, old-fashioned, almost ridiculous kind of nickname to me.

It came about because of a Company that made biscuits and was based in the town. Hardly exciting or relevant.

‘The Royals’ was, has been and remains an improvement.

I would rather our Club remained associated with the home of the monarchy of our Country, who
happen to be one of the wealthiest, most influential and successful families in the world throughout the past few centuries…

…..than some old factory that once made biscuits….

Who’s going to tell the Stoke fans that pottery isn’t relevant to them or that furniture isn’t relevant to Wycombe or millinery to Luton etc

I’d rather the club nickname celebrated what was part of the community that gave rise to it than some family that couldn’t really give a stuff about football let alone Reading.

Spot on.

‘The Bakers’ or something similar then, ‘the ‘biscuitmen’ sounds more like the title of a 1950s pre-school children’s ‘’watch with mother’ TV series.

Cobblers, Potters, Hatters, Mariners etc all fine…

Biscuitmen…. Not so!

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