Are you a fan or a customer?

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The Sum of the Parts
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Re: Are you a fan or a customer?

by The Sum of the Parts » 10 Feb 2016 19:11

Sebastian Also I've changed the club I support loads of times. I supported Man U for a while, then Arsenal, then in December 05 I started following Reading a bit, and then in June 2008 I went back to Man U, then Chelsea for a while. It's great when the club you support and own all the shirts for is on telly a lot.

Kes? Is that you?

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Re: Are you a fan or a customer?

by The Cap » 11 Feb 2016 16:34

Liverpool's owners have been told that the fight to make football affordable for fans will go on despite the club's surprise reversal on ticket prices. On Wednesday, the Fenway Sports Group scrapped its planned top-price £77 ticket and apologised for the "distress caused" by last week's announcement. Fans' group Spion Kop 1906 told the BBC that the battle may have been won but the "longer war isn't over". Liverpool's dearest match day ticket will now stay at £59. Thousands of Reds fans protested against the planned price hike by leaving Saturday's home game with Sunderland before it had ended.

I would have thought this decision is very relevant to the 'fan or customer?' issue. It may be another club, however I feel that this stand connects with all fans/customers across the land. Looks like the tide is starting to turn. And not before time.

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