Royals TV - By Frustrated Royal

9.00 Singled Out This week profiling the hate campaign launched against Paul Holsgrove

10.00 Dastardly and Muttley Tommy Burns and Mark McGhee feature in this cartoon for kids

11.00 This Morning Celebrity couple Neil and Shelley Webb stand in for Richard and Judy with a mixture of studio guests, cookery and music.

1.45 Neighbours Situation comedy set in leafy Swindon. Today Ralf accidentally falls and ends up inside a sheep.

2.10 Family Affairs Soap opera. Trouble in the Whitehurst family as Billy finds his wife in bed with another man. Also starring Steve Moran.

4.00 Whatever You Want Reading fans ask chairman John Madejski what you can do with £200 million.

5.05 You've Been Framed A look at what's been captured by the CCTV cameras at the Madejski Stadium. There's plenty going down in this week's selection of clips.

6.00 TFI Friday A weekly celebration dedicated to the Royal's best ever player, Robin Friday.

7.00 The Priory More cutting drama from the London clinic. Starring Byron Glasgow and Andy McLaren.

7.55 The National Lottery Contestants win millions by guessing correctly where Scott Howie's goal-kicks will end up.

8.00 Parkinson Chat-show presented by Phil Parkinson who tonight talks to a host of top celebrities.

9.00 The South Bank Show Live from the old Elm Park this show takes a trip down memory lane examining terrace culture.

10.00 They Think It's All Over A documentary charting the broadcasting career of Mike Lewis.

10.30 FILM: Taxi Robert De Niro stars in this true story based loosely around the life of Terry Bullivant.

12.00 Close Kevin Girdler sings 'The Royals Anthem' live from Madejski Stadium, Reading. Followed by shutdown for the evening.

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