Results Of The October '96 Managers Survey!

The results given below were gathered by email during the 7 days after Monday 28th October from mailing list subscribers. The survey follows the previous survey conducted a month earlier using the same questions - interesting to compare.

Here are the results then!

Percentages for this month are given down the left column. The right column gives the percentage change from the previous survey.

1. Do you think there should be a change in management NOW?

(BIG change of opinion here!!)

	50%  YES	(- 37%)
	50%  NO		(+ 37%)

2. If yes what should the change be?

        86%  GET RID OF BOTH		(+ 3%)
        14%  GET RID OF JUST JIM 	(+ 0%)
         0%  GET RID OF JUST MICK	(- 3%)

3. Who would be your replacement?
(Please note most people gave a number of alternatives here)

Names Mentioned:  Bruce Rioch, Kenny Dalglish, Neil Webb
Mark McGhee(!), Roy McFarland, Pat Rice, Colin Lee, Alex Ferguson
Kevin Moran, Malcolm Allinson, Brian Clough, Chris Waddle,
Sanchez, Gary Peters, Jack Charlton

4. How long do you think Jim and Mick will remain Reading's managers? 

	 5%  Half A Month	
	10%  One Month		
	30%  Two Months		
	15%  Three Months	
	 5%  Four Months	
	 0%  Five Months	
	 5%  Six Months		
	20%  Seven Months	
	 0%  Eight Months	
	 5%  Nine Months	
5. If possible would you like to see Jim kept as JUST a player?

        21%  YES	(- 16%)
	79%  NO		(+ 16%)

6. If possible would you like to see Mick kept as JUST a player?

       100%  YES	(+ 3%)
	 0%  NO 	(- 3%)

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