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Hob Nob Anyone? Is Twenty

26 September 2014
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Hob Nob Anyone? is 20 years old! We're practically the oldest football website, online since 1994, giving you continual fans' views and opinions on the mighty Royals.

To celebrate a birthday that most of the major websites will have to wait a long time for (we're older than e-bay, Google, etc, etc...), we're running a competition to win one of two Reading FC shirts.

To enter just visit the discussion forums, sign in, visit the competitions forum, find the right post, and add your three favourite Reading FC memories from the past 20 years.

Things have changed a lot since the website first started in 1994. The Royals have moved to the Madejski Stadium and, most importantly, established themselves as a side a least a Division better than the late nineties. Hob Nob Anyone? has continued to grow during that time but still needs fan contributions, on the discussion forums or via articles.

If you have an opinion on the Royals and would like to submit an article, either as a one off or as a regular thing, please get in touch. Thanks to the banners on the website we are now in a position to pay for contributions.

Thanks for your continued support of the website!

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